Commit 5289f462 authored by Alexis Lecanu's avatar Alexis Lecanu

add devices

parent fd818b8d
......@@ -11,7 +11,9 @@
<iq:product id="edge1030"/>
<iq:product id="edge1030bontrager"/>
<iq:product id="edge520plus"/>
<iq:product id="edge530"/>
<iq:product id="edge820"/>
<iq:product id="edge830"/>
<iq:product id="edge_1000"/>
<iq:product id="edge_520"/>
<iq:product id="edgeexplore"/>
......@@ -26,12 +28,20 @@
<iq:product id="fenixchronos"/>
<iq:product id="fr230"/>
<iq:product id="fr235"/>
<iq:product id="fr245"/>
<iq:product id="fr245m"/>
<iq:product id="fr630"/>
<iq:product id="fr645"/>
<iq:product id="fr645m"/>
<iq:product id="fr735xt"/>
<iq:product id="fr920xt"/>
<iq:product id="fr935"/>
<iq:product id="fr945"/>
<iq:product id="marqathlete"/>
<iq:product id="marqaviator"/>
<iq:product id="marqcaptain"/>
<iq:product id="marqdriver"/>
<iq:product id="marqexpedition"/>
<iq:product id="oregon7xx"/>
<iq:product id="rino7xx"/>
<bitmap id="LauncherIcon" filename="launcher_icon.png" />
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