Commit 31802f99 authored by Alexis Lecanu's avatar Alexis Lecanu

fix bug textpicker compatibility

parent 3ca0894e
<!-- This is a generated file. It is highly recommended that you DO NOT edit this file. --><iq:manifest xmlns:iq="" version="3">
<iq:application entry="TimerApp" id="9f349141d98a423dbb8575420d96c50d" launcherIcon="@Drawables.LauncherIcon" minSdkVersion="1.2.0" name="@Strings.AppName" type="watch-app" version="1.1.0">
<iq:product id="approachs60"/>
<iq:product id="d2bravo"/>
<iq:product id="d2bravo_titanium"/>
<iq:product id="d2charlie"/>
......@@ -35,10 +34,6 @@
<iq:product id="fr935"/>
<iq:product id="oregon7xx"/>
<iq:product id="rino7xx"/>
<iq:product id="vivoactive"/>
<iq:product id="vivoactive3"/>
<iq:product id="vivoactive3m"/>
<iq:product id="vivoactive_hr"/>
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