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    add keccak/sha3 support to bn · b563c775
    The White Team authored
    add alternative upgrade mechanism (xx5, not finished)
    use EV::ADNS for dns, AnyEvent::DNS which uses a lot less memory
    downgrade to perl 5.10, which reduces memory uisage considerably as well
    on watchdog reexec, use less memory by loading less code
    tune hpv connection sizes
    give more time for xx updates before loading them, so we can upgrade faulty
    modules before they are started (we accidentally uploaded a xx5 module
    that would cause the bot to restart in a loop, which took a few hours to clean up)
    bump bn version to 26, first perl update for over a year probably
    more keccak tweeks, sha3 is now down to ~800 bytes on x86, but we use a slightly
    larger (and much faster) config
    use Digest::KeccakOld (a renamed version of Digest::SHA3 0.24) instead of Digest::SHA3.
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