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Updated readme with notes about using it under Wayland

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......@@ -37,6 +37,15 @@ Q: I use Gnome-Shell and when I show the Quake terminal, it doesn't get the focu
A: It seems that installing the "Steal my focus" extension fix it. It can be found at
Q: I'm using Wayland, and pressing Alt+F12 (or my keybinding) doesn't show the Quake-like
A: That's because Wayland doesn't allow to an application to set its own keybindings. You
have to use the desktop keybindings to launch the script "", which
makes use of the DBus remote control to show and hide the Quake-like terminal.
In Gnome Shell it is as easy as opening the Settings window, choose the "Keyboard" icon,
and add there the desired hotkey, associating it with "" program.
## Contacting the author ##
(C) Sergio Costas Rodriguez (raster software vigo)
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