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......@@ -26,22 +26,6 @@ architectures. Please, read the file PORTS to know more details about this.
FBZX is based in Z80FREE, which you can find into the folder z80free.
To work with FBZX you need:
-A FrameBuffer-capable graphic card (or compatible with X-windows)
-A Linux system with FrameBuffer configured (can use X too)
-Sound Card with ALSA or OSS drivers (optional)
In order to get the maximum performance, your FrameBuffer driver must allow to
change to 640x480 or 480x640 resolution in 8 bits. Only the old VESAFB driver can
have problems with this fact, so if you use this driver, be sure to boot your
Linux box in 640x480 in 8 bits. If you don't do this, SDL will emulate that
mode, resulting in a high performance penalty. If you use an specific Framebuffer
driver, or the VESAFB driver from kernels 2.6, just don't worry: FBZX will
automagically change the graphic mode when starts.
Of course, currently that is no problem thanks to the high speed of computers.
......@@ -108,7 +92,7 @@ You can use this if you don't have a sound card, or it hasn't OSS support.
You can combine theses options as you like. An example:
fbzx -nosound -fs
fbzx -rotate -nosound
By default, FBZX will try to use ALSA sound; if it can't, it will try with OSS
......@@ -120,9 +104,17 @@ You can change the order with
That way it will try firts with OSS, then with ALSA.
FBZX works in X too, but it would run slower due to the penalty of the X
FBZX works in X and Wayland too, but it would run slower due to the penalty of the X
Window System. Fortunately this only applies to old systems. Current
computers can run FBZX under X without problem.
computers can run FBZX under X or Wayland without problem.
Anyway, there is a command line option to get the maximum performance. This
is -setres. Using it, when switching to fullscreen it will try to change the
screen resolution to the right one. But it only works in Xwindows; in
Wayland, or when not using that option, FBZX will keep the current resolution
and scale the picture. If you have a graphics driver with hardware acceleration,
you won't have performance problems anyway, so this mode is better than changing
the resolution.
The PC keyboard works exactly like the Spectrum keyboard (but only numbers and
letters). ENTER key is Return, CAPS SHIFT is in both Shift keys, and SYMBOL
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