Commit 231e61c2 authored by Sergio Costas's avatar Sergio Costas

Fixed little bug

parent fd2397c2
......@@ -12,10 +12,11 @@ WHAT EMULATES RIGHT IN FBZX?
-Priority of joystick over keyboard.
-Snow efect when I register points between 64 and 127.
-Emulation of Interface I and Microdrive (only one drive).
-Kempston Mouse
-Memory contention
-Emulates Spanish 128K from Investronica/Sinclair
-Allows to insert POKE values in memory (inmunity, infinite lives...)
-Can load and save SCR snapshots
-ULAPlus support
-Allows to save data in TAP and TZX files
-Allows to fast-load from TAP and TZX files (only certain block types)
\ No newline at end of file
-Allows to fast-load from TAP and TZX files (only certain block types)
......@@ -8,5 +8,6 @@ GenericName=A Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator
Comment=Play with the old, great games of the venerable ZX Spectrum
......@@ -15,6 +15,7 @@
<li>Supports Z80 snapshots, both loading and saving, and loading .SNA snapshots.</li>
<li>Supports TAP (both read and write) and TZX (only read) tape files, supporting normal speed loading and fast speed loading.</li>
<li>Emulates joysticks: kempston, cursor and sinclair.</li>
<li>Emulates kempston mouse</li>
<li>Emulates the Interface I and Microdrive.</li>
<li>Emulates the ULAPlus.</li>
<li>Based in a new, fully free, Z80 emulator (Z80Free).</li>
......@@ -26,4 +27,9 @@
<url type="homepage"></url>
......@@ -288,15 +288,17 @@ int load_z80(const char *filename) {
tempo[12] = 1;
if (tempo[12] & 0x01)
if (tempo[12] & 0x01) {
snap->R |= 0x80;
snap->border = (tempo[12] >> 1) & 0x07;
if (tempo[12] & 32)
if ((tempo[12] & 32) || (type)) {
compressed = 1;
} else {
compressed = 0;
snap->E = tempo[13];
snap->D = tempo[14];
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