Commit 66cfa5c5 authored by Sergio Costas's avatar Sergio Costas
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Added the current work in HISTORY

Added a section "In progress" in the HISTORY file to contain
the changes being done until the next version is launched.
This will simplify creating the CHANGES log in the gitlab tag.
parent 5836a7b8
# History of versions #
* In progress
* Use the system bell sound instead of GSound (Sergio Costas)
* Transformed DING into a Gtk.Application (Sergio Costas)
* Code cleaning (Sundeep Mediratta and Sergio Costas)
* Fixed loss of focus when an application goes full screen (Sergio Costas)
* Fixed translation problems when installed system-wide (Sergio Costas)
* Version 22
* GSound is now optional (Sergio Costas)
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