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In order to use CRUST, you need *flex* and *bison*, and *python 3*.
In order to install and use CRUST, you need *python 3*, *gcc*,
*flex* and *bison*.
After downloading the source code, just run:
sudo ./ install
It will compile the *flex* and *bison* code and generate the main
It will compile the *flex* and *bison* code, generate the main
library with the parser, and install the static analyzer.
crust [-I include_path] [-I...] [-D define] [-D...] [--include filename] [--include...] [--nowarnings] [--nocpp] [--quiet] [-e exclude_filename] [--debug1=nline] [--debug2=nline] file.c [file.c] ...
* -I allows to specify paths where the C preprocessor will search for header files. Can be repeated as many times as paths have to be added
* -D allows to specify #defines from command line that the C preprocessor must consider defined. Can be repeated as many times as defines are needed
* --include allows to include a file in the final preprocessed code. Can be repeated as many times as defines are needed
* --nowarnings will hide the WARNING messages, showing only ERROR and CRITICAL messages
* --nocpp will pass the source code directly to the parser, instead of pass it before through the C preprocessor
* --quiet will not show extra information
* -e allows to specify file names to exclude. This is useful when a filename contains wildcards
* --preprocessed stores the preprocessed code (this is, after being passed through the C PreProcessor) with the specified filename
* --debug1 & --debug2 shows the parsed tree between source code lines specified in both statements
* file.c the path to the file or files to analyze. It can contain wildcards, and it is possible to also specify several files
For detailed documentation, check the *doc* folder.
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