Commit 7d0c0eef authored by Sergio Costas's avatar Sergio Costas

Now checks global variables only when they are of crust-type

parent 3fa3540c
......@@ -654,7 +654,7 @@ class crust(object):
if (dest_var.right is None) and dest_eval["pure"]:
check_init_line = False
if dest_data["alias"]:
if dest_data["alias"] and dest_data["crust"]:
check_init_line = True
self._remove_alias(orig_eval["thread_status"], dest_data)
if (orig_data is not None) and (orig_var.right is None) and (not orig_data["function"]):
unsigned int var1;
unsigned char *var2;
typedef __crust_t__ unsigned char *crust_t;
crust_t var1;
crust_t *var2;
void function(void) {
var1 = var2;
var1 = (crust_t)var2;
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