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      feat: Allow publishing libraries from UI (#4115) · 84d1d999
      Aakansha Doshi authored
      * feat: Allow publishing libraries from UI
      * Add status for each library item and show publish only for unpublished libs
      * Add publish library dialog
      * Pass the data to publish the library
      * pass lib blob
      * Handle old and new libraries when importing
      * Better error handling
      * Show publish success when library submitted for review
      * don't close library when publish success dialog open
      * Support multiple libs deletion and publish
      * Set status to published once library submitted for review
      * Save  to LS after library published
      * unique key for publish and delete
      * fix layout shift when hover and also highlight selected library items
      * design improvements
      * migrate old library to the new one
      * fix
      * fix tests
      * use i18n
      * Support submit type in toolbutton
      * Use html5 form validation, add asteriks for required fields, add twitter handle, mark github handle optional
      * Add twitter handle in form state
      * revert html5 validation as fetch is giving some issues :/
      * clarify types around LibraryItems
      * Add website optional field
      * event.preventDefault to make htm5 form validationw work
      * improve png generation by drawing a bounding box rect and aligining pngs to support multiple libs png
      * remove ts-ignore
      * add placeholders for fields
      * decrease clickable area for checkbox by 0.5em
      * add checkbox background color
      * rename `items` to `elements`
      * improve checkbox hit area
      * show selected library items in publish dialog
      * decrease dimensions by 3px to improve jerky experience when opening/closing library menu
      * Don't close publish dialog when clicked outside
      * Show selected library actions only when any library item selected and use icons instead of button
      * rename library to libraryItems in excalidrawLib and added migration
      * change icon and swap bg/color
      * use blue brand color for hover/selected states
      * prompt for confirmation when deleting library items
      * separate unpublished items from published
      * factor `LibraryMenu` into own file
      * i18n and minor fixes for unpublished items
      * fix not rendering empty cells when library empty
      * don't render published section if empty and unpublished is not
      * Add edit name functionality for library items
      * fix
      * edit lib name with onchange/blur
      * bump library version
      * prefer response error message
      * add library urls to ENV vars
      * mark lib item name as required
      * Use input only for lib item name
      * better error validation for lib items
      * fix label styling for lib items
      * design and i18n fixes
      * Save publish dialog data to local storage and clear once published
      * Add a note about MIT License
      * Add note for guidelines
      * Add tooltip for publish button
      * Show spinner in submit button when submission is in progress
      * assign id for older lib items when installed and set status as published for all lib when installed
      * update export icon and support export library for selected items
      * move LibraryMenuItems into its own component as its best to keep one comp per file
      * fix spec
      * Refactoring the library actions for reusablility
      * show only load when items not present
      * close on click outside in publish dialog
      * ad dialog description and tweak copy
      * vertically center input labels
      * align input styles
      * move author name input to other usernames
      * rename param
      * inline to simplify
      * fix to not inline `undefined` class names
      * fix version & include only latest lib schema in library export type
      * await response callback
      * refactor types
      * refactor
      * i18n
      * align casing & tweaks
      * move ls logic to publishLibrary
      * support removal of item inside publish dialog
      * fix labels for trash icon when items selected
      * replace window.confirm for removal libs with confirm dialog
      * fix input/textarea styling
      * move library item menu scss to its own file
      * use blue for load and cyan for publish
      * reduce margin for submit and make submit => Submit
      * Make library items header sticky
      * move publish icon to left so there is no jerkiness when unpublish items selected
      * update url
      * fix grid gap between lib items
      * Mark older items imported from initial data as unpublished
      * add text to publish button on non-mobile
      * add items counter
      * fix test
      * show personal and excal libs sections and personal goes first
      * show toast on adding to library via contextMenu
      * Animate plus icon and not the pending item
      * fix snap
      * use i18n when no item in publish dialog
      * tweak style of new lib item
      * show empty cells for both sections and set status as published for installed libs
      * fix
      * push selected item first in unpublished section
      * set status as published for imported from webiste but unpublished for json
      * Add items to the begining of library
      * add `created` library item attr
      * fix test
      * use `defaultValue` instead of `value`
      * fix dark theme styles
      * fix toggle button not closing library
      * close library menu on Escape
      * tweak publish dialog item remove style
      * fix remove icon in publish dialog
      Co-authored-by: David Luzar's avatardwelle <>
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