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NEWS and INSTALL changes for new minor release

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......@@ -20,8 +20,8 @@ described below, and in the R-admin manual.
Configuring pqR
After uncompressing and unpacking the tar archive (with a command such
as "tar xf pqR-2014-09-30.tar.gz"), you should make a directory in
which to build pqR, such as "pqR-2014-09-30-myconfig". It is possible
as "tar xf pqR-2014-10-18.tar.gz"), you should make a directory in
which to build pqR, such as "pqR-2014-10-18-myconfig". It is possible
to instead build pqR in the source directory, but using a separate
directory is preferable, so that the source directory says clean, and
so that you can create more than one configuration if desired.
......@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ You should then enter the build directory, and issue the command:
where "path-to-source-directory" is the path to the source directory,
perhaps something like "../pqR-2014-09-30".
perhaps something like "../pqR-2014-10-18".
The configure command will produce a lot of output regarding the
results of checks for various system facilities, and end (if
......@@ -6,6 +6,53 @@
\section{CHANGES IN VERSION RELEASED 2014-10-18}{
\item This is a minor update to the release of 2014-09-30, with fixes
for a few problems, and a few performance improvements. Packages
installed for pqR-2014-09-30 do not need to be reinstalled for
this release.
\item A new test (var-lookup.R) for correctness of local vs. global symbol
bindings has been added, which is run with other tests done by
"make check".
\item The documentation on "contexts" in the R Internals manual has
been updated to relect a change made in pqR-2014-09-30. (This
manual has also been updated to reflect the change below.)
\item Lookup of functions now often skips local environments that
were previously found not to contain the symbol being looked up.
In particular, this speeds up calls of base functions that are
not already fast due to their being recognized as "special" symbols.
\item The set of "special" symbols for which lookups in local environments
is usually particularly fast now includes \code{.C}, \code{.Fortran},
\code{.Call}, \code{.External}, and \code{.Internal}.
\subsection{BUG FIXES}{
\item Fixed a bug (pqR issue #27) in which a user-defined replacement
might get an argument that is not marked as shared, which
could cause anomalous behaviour in some circumstances.
\item Fixed an issue with passing on variant return requests to function
bodies (though it's hard to construct an example where this issue
produces incorrect results).
\item [ Actually fixed in pqR-2014-09-30 but omitted from NEWS. ]
Fixed problems with calls of \code{strncpy} that were described in
PR #15990 at
\section{CHANGES IN VERSION RELEASED 2014-09-30}{
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