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......@@ -25,6 +25,17 @@
by \code{formals}, as they are shown when printed or with \code{args}.
In R Core releases (at least to R-3.1.1), the result of \code{formals}
for a primitive is \code{NULL}.
\item The \code{mat_mult_with_BLAS} option, which controls whether the
BLAS routines or pqR's C routines are used for matrix multiplication,
may now be set to \code{NA}, which is equivalent to \code{FALSE},
except that for multiplication of sufficiently large matrices (not
vector-vector, vector-matrix, or matrix-vector multiplication) pqR
will use a BLAS routine unless there is an element in one of the
operands that is \code{NA} or \code{NaN}. This mimics the behaviour
of R Core implementations (at least through 3.1.1), which is motivated
by a desire to ensure that \code{NA} is propagated correctly even
if the BLAS does not do so, but avoids the substantial but needless
inefficiency present in the R Core implementation.
\item Setting the \code{deparse.max.lines} option will now limit the
number of lines printed when exitting debug of a function, as
well as when entering.
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