Commit 1753969f authored by Radford Neal's avatar Radford Neal

update example for get_rm to account for recent optimizations

parent 7d1c5a85
% File src/library/base/man/pnamedcnt.Rd
% Part of pqR.
% Copyright (C) 2013 Radford M. Neal
% Copyright (C) 2013, 2018 Radford M. Neal
% Distributed under GPL 2 or later
......@@ -52,6 +52,6 @@ u[500] <- 9 # just one allocation of a vector of length 1000 will be done
A <- numeric(1000)+2
B <- numeric(1000)+3
A <- get_rm(A)*B # doesn't allocate space for a third 1000-element vector
A <- (get_rm(A)+1)*B # doesn't allocate space for a 3rd 1000-element vector
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