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Add a test of the API, including new protect facility

parent 2f48835d
This directory contains tests of the interface for writing C functions
that will be called from R. They are not currently run automatically.
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# A test function for the C API.
# Part of pqR.
# Copyright 2016 by Radford M. Neal.
# Distributed under GPL version 2 or later.
# R and C implementations of a function for concatenating vectors, in
# which the last element of one of these vectors must be the same as
# the first element of the next vector, with this repeated element
# present only once. For instance, it might be used to concatenate
# annual figures for 1900 to 1910 with annual figures for 1910 to 1920
# in order to produce annual figures for 1900 to 1920.
# The arguments must all be integer, double, or character vectors of
# non-zero length, which are coerced to the highest of these types (ie,
# character if any are character, otherwise double if any are double,
# otherwise integer). An error is signaled if the arguments are not
# of the right form, or if the last element of a vector does not
# match the first element of the next vector.
ex1_Call_old <- function (...) .Call("ex1_Call_old",list(...))
ex1_Call_new <- function (...) .Call("ex1_Call_new",list(...))
ex1_Call_new2 <- function (...) .Call("ex1_Call_new2",list(...))
# R implementation.
ex1_R <- function (...)
L <- list(...)
if (length(L) == 0)
stop ("nothing to concatenate")
if (!all (sapply (L, is.numeric) | sapply (L, is.character)))
stop ("argument is not numeric or character")
if (!all (sapply (L, length) > 0))
stop ("argument has zero length")
R <- L
for (i in 2..length(L)) {
if (L[[i-1]][length(L[[i-1]])] != L[[i]][1])
stop ("end of argument ",i-1," doesn't match start of argument ",i)
R[[i]] <- R[[i]][-1]
c (R, recursive=TRUE)
# Test function. Passed one of the functions defined above.
test_ex1 <- function (f)
r <- f (1..10,10..15,15..25)
r <- f (1..10,10,10,c(10,20))
r <- f (c("x","y"),c("y","z","99"),99..100,c("100","y","z"))
r <- f (9)
try (f(function()0))
try (f(1..10,10..9,10..20))
try (f(1..10,11..20))
try (f(c("x"),c("x","y"),c("a")))
......@@ -23,6 +23,9 @@ running these tests. For example, some of the tests on 'nlme' depend
on 'Hmisc', and there are a number of cross references from help page
to CRAN packages.
The directory API contains tests of the API for C functions called from
R, which are not run automatically.
--- Historical Information ----
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