Commit 0814c721 authored by Radford Neal's avatar Radford Neal

remove claim in doc that file.path is faster than paste

parent aeb5d5b8
% File src/library/base/man/file.path.Rd
% Part of the R package,
% Copyright 1995-2011 R Core Team
% Modifications for pqR Copyright (c) 2017 Radford M. Neal.
% Distributed under GPL 2 or later
......@@ -18,11 +19,9 @@ file.path(\dots, fsep = .Platform$file.sep)
\item{fsep}{the path separator to use.}
The implementation is designed to be fast (faster than
\code{\link{paste}}) as this function is used extensively in \R itself.
It can also be used for environment paths such as \env{PATH} and
\env{R_LIBS} with \code{fsep = .Platform$path.sep}.
This function can also be used for environment variables
representing sets of paths such as \env{PATH} and
\env{R_LIBS}, with \code{fsep = .Platform$path.sep}.
A character vector of the arguments concatenated term-by-term and
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