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New functions are defined for finding exact or partial matches, to
replace the existing pmatch, psmatch, and other matching functions
(but pmatch and psmatch are retained, in case anyone uses them).
These functions return 0, -1, or +1 for no match, partial match, and
exact match, allowing any subset of these conditions to be easily
checked for in one comparison.  There is therefore no need for an
"exact" argument as in psmatch.  The new functions should usually be
faster as well (the old psmatch uses strcmp for exact matches, which
might be able to use special machine instructions if they exist, but
since most calls will be for short strings, and early failure to match
is likely the most common result, this is unlikely to provide a
benefit once extra procedure call overhead is accounted for.)

Versions are provided for matching a string to a string, an SEXP to an
SEXP, or a string to an SEXP, called ep_match_strings, ep_match_exprs,
and ep_match_string_expr.

Calls of pmatch are replaced by calls of ep_match_exprs in various
places as part of this mod, and these functions are also used in later
mods (eg, in matchArgs and in do_subset3).

Speedup from using these functions is mentioned in a NEWS entry.