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# How to contribute to Vigil
## **Did you find a bug?**
* **Ensure the bug was not already reported** by searching on Gitlab under [Issues](
* If you're unable to find an open issue addressing the problem, [open a new one]( Be sure to include a **title and clear description**, as much relevant information as possible, and a **code sample** or an **executable test case** demonstrating the expected behavior that is not occurring.
## **Did you write a patch that fixes a bug?**
* Open a new Gitlab merge request with the patch.
* Ensure the description clearly describes the problem and solution. Include the relevant issue number if applicable.
* Before submitting, please read the [Pep 8]( and [Pep 257]( guide to know more a out coding conventions.
* Write your commit message in the imperative: "Fix bug" and not "Fixed bug" or "Fixes bug." This convention matches up with commit messages generated by commands like git merge and git revert.
## **Do you intend to add a new feature or change an existing one?**
* [Open a new issue]( Do not start coding until you have collected positive feedback about the change.
## **Do you want to contribute to the Vigil documentation?**
* Update the documentation and send the merge request.
Radek Sprta
# 0.3
* add contribution guide
* completely automate documentation
* integrate build with tox
* add pypy tests
* automatically build stable snaps for releases
* make a pypi package
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- Installation:
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- Usage:
- Contributing:
- License:
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def templates(self):
Jinja template environment.
env = jinja2.Environment(
loader=jinja2.PackageLoader('vigil', 'templates'),
autoescape=jinja2.select_autoescape(['html', 'xml']))
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