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Title: Return to Skyrim - Contents
Date: 2019-12-02
Modified: 2019-12-02
# Version 0.0.1, 2019-12-02
# Introduction and Summary
Expanding on [STEP][step] (amazing, but not enough for my taste) and leaning on [Skyrim Revisited][srle] (also amazing, but sadly out of date), here is my own Skyrim Modding
guide, which I'm aiming to make as expansive and thorough as possible.
A *lot* of the information in this guide is straight from the source at [STEP][step] and/or [Skyrim Revisited][srle]. I've tried not to copy it verbatim, but that's not always
possible. I'm making my own modification of their documentation because:
* My mod setup always *begins* with a [STEP][step] install.
* [STEP][step] may not be around forever, and I don't want to lose these great instructions.
* As my personal mod setup diverges more from [STEP][step], I need to keep track of more mod interactions, which requires having my own document.
I don't find it likely that anyone out there would give me kudos for this page, but if you *are* so inclined, *please* check out the [STEP][step] and [Skyrim Revisited][srle] pages first,
and make sure to give *them* credit where credit is due. Conversely, they don't support this mod setup, so if you have problems, *don't* go to them for help!
This guide targets *only* the Steam version of Skyrim: Legendary Edition (as this is the only version I have available). If you have Skyrim SE or Skyrim on DVD (or something else entirely),
your mileage may vary.
This page will link to the major sections of the guide as they become available.
## A Note on Versioning
The version number assigned to this guide follows a similar pattern to the [Semantic Versioning][semver] guidelines. Specifically, given a version number MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH, the:
* MAJOR version changes to indicate drastic (start from Vanilla) changes to the guide.
* MINOR version changes to indicate moderate (clean save) changes to the guide.
* PATCH version changes to indicate minor changes which require neither a vanilla install nor a clean save.
Until this guide reaches v1.0.0, assume that it is still a work in progress, unstable, and liable to change at any time.
## Symbols
* :fa:`fa-bolt` indicates a section which may or may not be useful, but is included for completeness.
* :fa:`fa-exclamation-circle` indicates potentially offensive content. There will generally be non- or less-offensive alternatives listed.
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