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    docs: Add a QEMU Code of Conduct and Conflict Resolution Policy document · c81cfb89
    Paolo Bonzini authored
    In an ideal world, we would all get along together very well, always be
    polite and never end up in huge conflicts. And even if there are conflicts,
    we would always handle each other fair and respectfully. Unfortunately,
    this is not an ideal world and sometimes people forget how to interact with
    each other in a professional and respectful way. Fortunately, this seldom
    happens in the QEMU community, but for such rare cases it is preferrable
    to have a basic code of conduct document available to show to people
    who are misbehaving.  In case that does not help yet, we should also have
    a conflict resolution policy ready that can be applied in the worst case.
    The Code of Conduct document tries to be short and to the point while
    trying to remain friendly and welcoming; it is based on the Fedora Code
    of Conduct[1] with extra detail added based on the Contributor Covenant
    1.3.0[2].  Other proposals included the Contributor Covenant 1.3.0 itsel...
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