{% block subject %}CCC e. V. membership application{% endblock %} {% block body %}{% autoescape off %}Hello {{ member.get_name }}, no matter if you want to personally get engaged or mainly want to show support for our goals: Welcome to the Chaos Computer Club! {% if member.account_balance <= 0 and member.fee_paid_until|date == member.membership_start|date %} Your membership starts according to our statutes when receiving your membership fee and accepting your membership application. Please transfer now the first annual membership fee of {{ member.get_annual_fee_readable }}€. Additionally, please set up an automatic money order, {% else %} Your membership application has been accepted and starts right now. Your current membership fee to the amount of {{ member.get_annual_fee_readable }}€ is already paid. Now would be a great moment to set up an automatic money order, {% endif %}so your next annual membership fee will be transferred in time before {{ member.fee_paid_until|date:"d.m." }}. This way we will not have to remind you every year. We do not use direct withdrawal. Reference: {{ member.chaos_number }} Please only write your chaos number in the reference field. Please send donations in separate money transfers with the reference "Spende". Account holder: Chaos Computer Club e. V. Routing code: 20010020, Account number: 599090201 BIC: PBNKDEFFXXX IBAN: DE41 2001 0020 0599 0902 01 Postbank Hamburg We accepted your application with the following information: Chaos Nr.: {{ member.chaos_number }} (please provide always!) Member type: {% if member.membership_type == member.MEMBERSHIP_TYPE_SUPPORTER %}supporter{% elif member.membership_type == member.MEMBERSHIP_TYPE_MEMBER %}regular member{% elif member.membership_type == member.MEMBERSHIP_TYPE_HONORARY %}honorary member{% endif %} Reduced: {% if member.membership_reduced %}Yes{% else %}No{% endif %} Local club: {{ member.erfa }} Name: {{ member.get_name }} Adress: {{ member.address_1|default_if_none:"" }} {{ member.address_2|default_if_none:"" }} {{ member.address_3|default_if_none:"" }} Country: {{ member.get_address_country_display }} E-mails: {{ member.get_emails_string }} Comment: {{ member.comment }} Inform: {{ member.notification_consent }} In the new field "Inform" we store if you would like to be informed about important Club matters via e-mail or as a substitute via letter. Datenschleuder:{{ member.wants_datenschleuder }} If you would like to get a Datenschleuder mailed to you. A digital version will not be made available before the next issue is in print. The digital version can then be downloaded at https://ds.ccc.de/ Should your information be incorrect, please inform us via e-mail at office@ccc.de or snail mail to: Chaos Computer Club e. V. Zeiseweg 9 22765 Hamburg Germany - Please provide your chaos number so we can find your dataset! - And now? What now? The CCC is what you make of it. Without your initiative no chaos! To help you getting started we collected answers to some questions: - According to which values does the CCC act? The CCC acts according to the principles of the hacker ethics (https://www.ccc.de/en/hackerethics) and the incompatibility declaration (https://www.ccc.de/en/updates/2005/unvereinbarkeitserklaerung German only) - How can I become an active part of the CCC? Contact your local group. More information on https://www.ccc.de/regional/ - There is no local group close by. What should I do? If you want you can found a Chaostreff (chaos meet-up) with like-minded people. More information on https://www.ccc.de/regional/ - How can I get in touch with the club apart from local groups? The Chaos Computer Club and its local groups hold regular events. More information on events can be found on https://events.ccc.de, https://cpu.ccc.de/ and https://spaceapi.ccc.de - Does the CCC publish a club magazine? The Club irregularly publishes the Datenschleuder - the scientific professional journal for data travelers. As a member you will receive the next issue automatically via mail. If you want to have a teaser you can find all previous issues online in our archive at https://ds.ccc.de - Which other possibilities are there to get acquainted with the Club's topics? We publish recordings of chaos-related events on https://media.ccc.de Additionally, the Chaos Radio is sending regularly live. Information and recordings (German) are found at https://chaosradio.ccc.de/ - I heard the club is non-political. Is that correct? The CCC is not party political, but very politically active, though. See https://ccc.de/campaigns as well. For general questions check out https://ccc.de/faq Enough of the organizational foo. Welcome to the Club! Your Chaos Computer Club {% endautoescape %}{% endblock %}