Commit 3ea5fd5e authored by Barry Warsaw's avatar Barry Warsaw

Remove use of `nocov` environments and factors

parent b3a34816
......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ qa:
- tox -e py27-nocov,py34-nocov,py35-nocov,py36-nocov
- tox -e py27,py34,py35,py36,py37,py38
......@@ -219,7 +219,7 @@ def contents(package):
relpath = package_directory.relative_to(archive_path)
with ZipFile(archive_path) as zf:
toc = zf.namelist()
subdirs_seen = set() # type: Set
subdirs_seen = set()
subdirs_returned = []
for filename in toc:
path = Path(filename)
# Don't cover Python 3.7 since this is just a shim for that version. Do at
# least make sure we don't regress!
envlist = {py27,py34,py35,py36}-{nocov,cov,diffcov},{py37,py38}-nocov,qa,docs
envlist = {py27,py34,py35,py36}{,-cov,-diffcov},{py37,py38},qa,docs
skip_missing_interpreters = True
commands =
nocov: python -m unittest discover
!cov,!diffcov: python -m unittest discover
cov,diffcov: python -m coverage run {[coverage]rc} -m unittest discover {posargs}
cov,diffcov: python -m coverage combine {[coverage]rc}
cov: python -m coverage html {[coverage]rc}
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