Commit 9b05e1d1 authored by Sam Lade's avatar Sam Lade

Version/docs for 0.5.2

parent 1518c94c
__version__ = "0.5.1"
__version__ = "0.5.2"
......@@ -73,4 +73,5 @@ versions = [
{"major":0, "minor":4, "point":3, "description":"Fix security flaw allowing PyRook users to be kicked from the room with a crafted message."},
{"major":0, "minor":5, "point":0, "description":"Move to Python 3 only and PyQt, and move to distribution using PyPI. Add built-in updater. Add smiley hovertext."},
{"major":0, "minor":5, "point":1, "description":"Qt5 compatibility fix."},
{"major":0, "minor":5, "point":2, "description":"Add support for refreshing mode for compatibility with some proxies."},
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