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On June 27 2014, Flickr changed their API to be SSL-only. The Python flickrapi library was one of many pieces of software that used HTTP to connect to Flickr's API, and that therefore broke for some users on June 27.

flickrapi supports HTTPS connections as of version 1.4.4, released on June 18

  1. If you are able to upgrade to a new version of flickrapi, you can get the latest flickrapi from PyPI.

However, as of mid-2014, many Linux distros, including Ubuntu 14.04 (supported until 2019), still package flickrapi version 1.2, which cannot connect to Flickr's API and is therefore non-functional. Since developers may for various reasons choose to use their distro's version of python-flickrapi, this project provides a very very small Python class that overrides flickrapi's FlickrAPI class to connect to Flickr over HTTPS rather than HTTP, and allows continued use of the Flickr API.

If you were previously doing something like this:

import flickrapi

flickr_conn = flickrapi.FlickrAPI(api_key, api_secret)

You can replace it with this:

import flickrssl

flickr_conn = flickrssl.FlickrAPI(api_key, api_secret)