Commit fb6b5bb2 authored by Sascha Pfeiffer's avatar Sascha Pfeiffer

Fix #45 reduced username min chars to 2 chars

Signed-off-by: 's avatarSascha Pfeiffer <>
parent 86813110
......@@ -358,11 +358,11 @@
var USERNAME_REGEXP = /^[a-z0-9.\-]*$/i;
var error;
if( ! USERNAME_REGEXP.test(username)) {
return 'Usernames may only contain letters, numbers, periods and dashes';
if (username.length < 3) {
return 'Usernames may not be shorter than 3 chars';
if (username.length < 2) {
error = validate_username_start(username, [".", "-"]);
"USERNAME_VALIDATION_NAME_CONTAINS_INVALID_CHARS": "Benutzernamen dürfen nur Buchstaben, Zahlen, Bindestriche und Punkte enthalten",
"DELETE_GROUP": "Gruppe löschen",
"DELETE_GROUP_WARNING": "Sie sind dabei diese Grupep zu lösschen. Alle Shares der Gruppe gehen dabei verloren oder werden unzugänglich. Sind sie sicher?",
"AFFECTED_GROUPS": "Betroffene Gruppen",
"USERNAME_VALIDATION_NAME_CONTAINS_INVALID_CHARS": "Usernames may only contain letters, numbers, periods and dashes",
"DELETE_GROUP": "Delete Group",
"DELETE_GROUP_WARNING": "You are about to delete the group. All shares will be lost / become inaccessible. Are you sure?",
"AFFECTED_GROUPS": "Affected groups",
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