Commit ed07da25 authored by Sascha Pfeiffer's avatar Sascha Pfeiffer

added some more translations

Signed-off-by: 's avatarSascha Pfeiffer <>
parent 6662ceba
"ACCOUNT_DELETION_DISABLED": "Useraccounts cannot be deleted on this server",
"PASSWORD_INCORRECT": "Password incorrect",
"USERNAME_VALIDATION_NAME_CONTAINS_INVALID_CHARS": "Benutzernamen dürfen nur Buchstaben, Zahlen, Bindestriche und Punkte enthalten",
"DELETE_GROUP": "Gruppe löschen",
"ACCOUNT_DELETION_DISABLED": "Benutzerkonten können auf diesem Server nicht gelöscht werden",
"PASSWORD_INCORRECT": "Password falsch",
"USERNAME_VALIDATION_NAME_CONTAINS_INVALID_CHARS": "Usernames may only contain letters, numbers, periods and dashes",
"DELETE_GROUP": "Delete Group",
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