Commit 53a5cc25 authored by Sascha Pfeiffer's avatar Sascha Pfeiffer

added one more translation

Signed-off-by: default avatarSascha Pfeiffer <>
parent 6236a418
"REGISTRATION_SUCCESSFUL": "Successfully registered.",
"REGISTRATION_HAS_BEEN_DISABLED": "Registrierung ist abgeschalten.",
"REGISTRATION_FAILED_USERNAME_ALREADY_EXISTS": "Registrierungsfehler. Der Benutzername existiert bereits.",
"REGISTRATION_FAILED_USERNAME_AND_EMAIL_HAVE_TO_MATCH": "Registrierungsfehler. Der Benutzername und die E-Mail müssen gleich sein.",
"REGISTRATION_SUCCESSFUL": "Successfully registered.",
"REGISTRATION_HAS_BEEN_DISABLED": "Registration has been disabled.",
"REGISTRATION_FAILED_USERNAME_ALREADY_EXISTS": "Registration failed. Username already exists.",
"REGISTRATION_FAILED_USERNAME_AND_EMAIL_HAVE_TO_MATCH": "Registration failed. Username and email have to match.",
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