Commit 39aadd24 authored by Sascha Pfeiffer's avatar Sascha Pfeiffer

Merge branch 'develop' of into develop

parents 61fc695f d988e820
......@@ -450,10 +450,10 @@
"SERVER_SIGNATURE": "Server Signature",
"SERVER_AUDIT_LOGGING": "Server Audit Logging",
"SERVER_PUBLIC_KEY": "Server Public Key",
"SERVER_LICENSE_TYPE": "Server Lizense Type",
"SERVER_LICENSE_TYPE": "Server License Type",
"SERVER_MAX_USERS": "Server Max. Users",
"SERVER_LICENSE_VALID_FROM": "Server License Valid From",
"SERVER_LICENSE_VALID_TILL": "Server Lizense Valid Till",
"SERVER_LICENSE_VALID_TILL": "Server License Valid Till",
"SERVER_INFO": "Server Info",
"CLIENT_INFO": "Client Info",
"OVERVIEW_DESCRIPTION": "The overview of your account with details like your public key.",
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