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    This patch is to 'Add ARM64 support to peekfd'. · 32432ef9
    Ajay Kaher authored
    ARM64 copy user_pt_regs to user space instead of pt_regs.
    So in this patch, mapping the require user_pt_regs except orig_x0,
    as orig_x0 not available in user_pt_regs for SYSCALL exit.
    For each SYSCALL, peekfd catches user_pt_regs for SYSCALL entry/exit.
    Value of orig_x0 is available in user_pt_regs->x0 of SYSCALL entry.
    So to get orig_x0, stores user_pt_regs of SYSCALL entry,
    and then compare 'fd and addr of buffer' of  SYSCALL exit
    with SYSCALL entry to retrive orig_x0 at the time of SYSCALL exit.
    Signed-off-by: Ajay Kaher's avatarAjay Kaher <akaher@vmware.com>
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