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* setV
Light-weight Python virtual environment manager
For more than a year 'setV' was lying under
[[]]. I use it as an alternative
to [[][virtualenvwrapper]]. It is a bash function and provides basic
features such as:
- Create new virtual environment
- Delete existing virtual environment(s)
- List existing virtual environment(s)
- In case you don't remember virtual environment name, TAB completion
works :)
** Installation
Run the command
curl | sh -
** Usage
- First of all, the command is =setv=
- When you install =setv=, the installation script will ask you to
source =~/.bashrc= or =~/.bash_profile=. Please do that.
*** Activating existing environment(s)
For example
setv rango
*** List all virtual environment(s)
You can list existing virtual environments by typing
setv -l
# or
setv [TAB] [TAB]
*** Create virtual environment
setv -n rango
*** Delete virtual environment
setv -d rango
*** Switch to another virtual environment
#+BEGIN_SRC sh options
# Assuming you are in 'rango', switch to 'tango' using
setv tango
*** In case you don't fully remember virtual environment name
- Bash like TAB completion works with virtual environment names
** Contribution
- Create new issue.
- Patches are welcome for existing issues.
** License
GNU GPL version 3. See LICENSE file.
......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@
# To deactivate, type:
# $ deactivate
# TODO (Testing):
# Testing needed:
# - Create virtualenv with command something like: setv -n new_virt_name
# - Delete virtualenv with command something like: setv -d old_virt_name
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