Tempus is a collection of themes for Vim and terminal emulators that are compliant at the very least with the WCAG AA accessibility standard for colour contrast

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    Refinements to the Vim files · d23b459b
    Protesilaos Stavrou authored
    As per the CHANGELOG of the Tempus Themes Generator
        Refinements to the Vim template:
        1. Add some highlighting definitions for Markdown.  This should
           improve things a bit, as delimiters for headings, bold, italic,
           and inline code used different formatting than their
           corresponding objects.  Given this opportunity, also be more
           considerate for the use of italicised or oblique text in
           terminals (also see CHANGELOG heading
        2. Improve the comment block at the top that offers info about the
           theme.  Add reference to the Tempus Themes Generator.
        3. Change the style of the active tab on the tabline.  Make it cyan,
           to clearly indicate its "selected" status.
        4. Trim the section title delimiters (the multiple hyphers "---") so
           that they aligned with the title's length.
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