Restore PREFIX to /usr/local

It is better to pass the desired value at compile time.  For example:

	make PREFIX="$HOME" install
parent b0f0cb9a
......@@ -19,13 +19,8 @@ Suckless community. It is meant to be used as a substitue for my
primary terminal emulator in my custom desktop session, which is based
My changes are defined in "st-protesilaos-stavrou-soft-fork-0.8.2.diff`.
They concern the following:
My changes concern the following:
* Compile the program inside the user's home directory. This is done by
altering the path prefix in ``. The working assumption is
that the user has a "bin" directory in their $HOME and it is added to
the $PATH.
* A generic font specification that leverages `fontconfig` aliases. The
fonts are defined in `fonts.conf`. See my dotfiles for more,
specifically the content of the "fontconfig" directory.
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ VERSION = 0.8.2
# Customize below to fit your system
# paths
PREFIX = $(shell echo "$$HOME")
PREFIX = /usr/local
MANPREFIX = $(PREFIX)/share/man
X11INC = /usr/X11R6/include
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