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      Implement dired-rsync · 722ed1e3
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      MAJOR REVIEW: use-package emacs (read commit msg) · f339fa46
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      This is a way to declare settings that are defined in the C source
      code or do not belong to a given package.  There should no longer be any
      configurations outside of a `use-package` declaration.
      Given this review, the `use-package` settings for all declarations have
      been reviewed, in an attempt to make better use of the special keywords
      `:init`, `:custom`, `:config`, `:commands`.
      The idea with these keywords is as follows:
      + Use `:init` if the declaration later activates a minor mode.  All
      variables are defined under it.  While the minor mode itself, as well as
      all relevant functions go inside of `:config` (or `:hook`, where
      + Use `:commands` to load the package only when the command is called.
      Relevant variables should be defined with `:custom`, since there is no
      need to prepare them at the initialisation time.
      + Implement a few missing `:after` statements.
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      Minor clarification · 0ee7923d
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