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* Lettuce: many more types than you can find in a typical grocery store
* Basil, Cilantro, Parsley, Dill and other herbs
* Kohlrabi
* Radishes (although they take up a bit much space; one radish per net pot)
* Peppers of various kinds: big sweet ones, and small hot ones
* Tomatoes
* Cucumbers
* Other experiments ongoing
## What have you tried to grow and it didn't work, or not well enough?
* Radishes. The plants grow nicely, but the radish seems confused about where to grow.
So we ended up with some kind of radish, but it was misshapen and had a hard skin.
Some plants failed to create a bulb at all.
* Cauliflower. The plants are growing really big, but they failed to form the
cauliflower head.
## Can I use this system indoors?
No. This is an outdoor system that relies on the sun, which provides
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{{< bom path="/data/systems/vert-rdwc-1/bom.json" >}}
The solar option is in progress. Details will be added when ready.
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