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......@@ -54,6 +54,13 @@ as it will be impossible to remove the remaining water in the Growing Pipes afte
amount of dump from the reservoir. Add the remaining amount of water
into your calculation when you create the first batch of nutrient solution.
We estimate the amount of water in the pipes as follows:
* 5 ft pipe length, times 8 pipes: 40 ft = approx 12 m
* inside pipe diameter: 2 7/8 " = approx. 7.3 cm
* the pipes are half full
* 12 m times 3.65 cm times 3.54 cm times Pi times 0.5 = approx. 25 liters = approx. 6.65 gal
### Create the first batch of nutrient solution.
Follow the instructions of the product you are using. For two-part or three-part products,
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