Commit fa4fb118 authored by Qarnot computing's avatar Qarnot computing

Synchronous eo plan hanlding

parent 4d4d302d
......@@ -62,7 +62,8 @@ class ITLBClientDaemon:
# Handling an EO plan may be relatively long (querying the DB API, then the
# SLARC, then talking to the DCMC), so let's execute it concurrently. Most of
# the wait time will be IO so just spawning a task should be enough.
# asyncio.create_task(self._handle_optimisation_plan(msg))
await self._handle_optimisation_plan(msg)
elif isinstance(msg, list) and isinstance(msg[0], MigrationStatus):"Got migration statuses: %s", msg)
await self._handle_migration_status(msg)
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