Commit c32ab58b authored by Craig Small's avatar Craig Small

pgrep: Remove >15 warning

As comm length can be longer than 15 characters with newer kernels, it
doesn't make sense to have a warning when you make the match string
longer than this.

As a side-effect, it removes the false-positive you got when you used
long regex matches (see issue #92 )

 commit 2cfdbbe8
parent 52dc8dcd
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......@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@ procps-ng-3.3.15
No removals, no new functions
Changes: slab and pid structures
* pgrep: Fix stack-based buffer overflow CVE-2018-1125
* pgrep: Remove >15 warning as comm can be longer issue #92
* ps: Fix buffer overflow in output buffer, causing DOS CVE-2018-1123
* library: Just check for SIGLOST and don't delete it issue #93
* library: Fix integer overflow and LPE in file2strvec CVE-2018-1124
......@@ -653,10 +653,6 @@ static struct el * select_procs (int *num)
closeproc (ptp);
*num = matches;
if ((!matches) && (!opt_full) && opt_pattern && (strlen(opt_pattern) > 15))
xwarnx(_("pattern that searches for process name longer than 15 characters will result in zero matches\n"
"Try `%s -f' option to match against the complete command line."),
return list;
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