Commit ab25578b authored by Craig Small's avatar Craig Small

Updated NEWS with new items for procps-ng 3.3.2

parent b0d0b485
procps-ng-3.3.1 --> procps-ng-3.3.2
* Redefined library to use version-info
* Redefined library to use version-info
* NLS added! Programs can use po files to localise the output to suite
any supported languages.
* Imported a bunch of distribution patches:
watch: support unicode
watch: add precision wait time option -p
......@@ -33,6 +35,7 @@ procps-ng-3.3.1 --> procps-ng-3.3.2
libproc-ng: support building without WCHAR support
sysctl: remove index() for buildroot
* top now has a search capability
* User import is validated better to stop negative values for intervals etc
procps-ng-3.3.0 --> procps-ng-3.3.1
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