Commit 1fb37313 authored by Craig Small's avatar Craig Small

NEWS: Very minor typo fixed

Signed-off-by: Craig Small's avatarCraig Small <>
parent a4f93b6d
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......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ procps-ng-NEXT
* library: dont use SIGPWR on FreeBSD Debian #832148
* pmap: fix duplicate output line under '-x' option Redhat #1374061
* top: eliminated minor libnuma memory leak
* ps: avoid eip/esp address truncations Debain #846361
* ps: avoid eip/esp address truncations Debian #846361
* library: don't strip off wchan prefixes (ps & top) Redhat #1322111
* top: add config file support for XDG specification
* pgrep: warn about 15+ char name only if -f not used
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