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Release 4.0.1

* library
  Re-add elogind support                                 merge #151
  Used memory is Total - Available
  Renaming, it is now libproc2
* free: Use --kilo when only specifying --si             merge #163
* pgrep: Add -A to ignore ancestors                      merge #160
* pidwait: Better warning if pidfd_open not implemented
* pmap: Dont reuse stdin filehandle                      issue #231
* ps: threads again display when -L is used with -q      issue #234
* ps: proper aix format string behavior was restored
* sysctl: print dotted keys again
* top: fix 'smaps' bug preventing build under clang      issue #235
* top: column highlighting allowed under 'L' or 'O'
* top: can alter autogroup nice value (like 'r' renice)
* top: can display the following with no need to scroll
*      cmdline, control groups, environment,
       supplimentary groups, namespaces
* top: adds a 'message log' recall capability
* top: will accept utf8 multi-byte input with support
       for full line editing and previous line recall
* top: can show more than 2 abreast in summary display
* top: can distinguish P-Core and E-core cpus
* top: can filter both P-Core and E-core cpus
* watch: Add equexit no-change and exit option           merge #153