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    ps: extend utf8 multibyte support to additional fields · be222912
    jim warner authored and Craig Small's avatar Craig Small committed
    Form its inception (back in May of 2011), escaped_copy
    has always been a flawed function. It does not operate
    on 'escaped' strings but instead treats all input as a
    regular string incapable of containing utf8 sequences.
    As such, it should only be used for strings guaranteed
    to NOT contain multibyte characters (like supgid). For
    all other strings, which could contain utf8 stuff, the
    correct function should have been that escape_str guy.
    So this commit changes nearly every escaped_copy call.
    [ note: unlike the newlib guy, the master ps program ]
    [ cannot properly handle utf8 multibyte sequences in ]
    [ in the recently introduced 'exe' field shown below ]
    . Jun 2018, introduced 'exe' field
    commit b556bf5b
    . May 2011, original escaped_copy (cmdline, cgroup)
    commit 7b0fc19e
    Signed-off-by: jim warner's avatarJim Warner <james.warner@comcast.net>