Commit eca83ad4 authored by Emma's avatar Emma 🦉

another attempt at a search fix

parent 517c5417
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...@@ -85,8 +85,8 @@ final class SearchRepository { ...@@ -85,8 +85,8 @@ final class SearchRepository {
$qb = $this->em->getConnection()->createQueryBuilder() $qb = $this->em->getConnection()->createQueryBuilder()
->select($rsm->generateSelectClause()) ->select($rsm->generateSelectClause())
->addSelect(":entity AS entity") ->addSelect(":entity::TEXT AS entity")
->addSelect("ts_rank(search_doc, plainto_tsquery(:query)) AS search_rank") ->addSelect("ts_rank(search_doc, plainto_tsquery(:query::TEXT)) AS search_rank")
->from($table, 'e') ->from($table, 'e')
->where('search_doc @@ plainto_tsquery(:query)') ->where('search_doc @@ plainto_tsquery(:query)')
->setParameter('entity', self::ENTITY_TYPES[$entityClass], Type::TEXT) ->setParameter('entity', self::ENTITY_TYPES[$entityClass], Type::TEXT)
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