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# Change Log
## v0.5.0 (2017-xx-xx)
## v0.5.0 (2017-08-04)
* Added `autocomplete="new-password"` to password fields when editing user
* Added CAPTCHA to registration form.
* Added a command that prunes IP addresses on many entities, optionally after
they reach a provided age.
* Added (buggy) two-factor authentication for admins only.
* Added combined view of comments ands
* Added custom CSS.
* Added Dutch, Finnish, German, Greek and Portuguese (Brazilian) translations.
* Added explanation of the various user form fields.
* Added Flysystem for submission thumbnails as part of push for multi-server
* Added forum categories.
* Added honeypot fields to fool spam bots.
* Added icons to the user menu.
* Added 'night mode', a dark stylesheet that's supposedly easier on the eyes.
* Added mod/admin flags.
* Added Open Graph support
* Added the option to serve assets over a CDN.
* Added private messaging.
* Added sorting options for forum list.
* Added strikethrough support via `~~` syntax.
* Added two-factor authentication.
* Added 'trusted' users.
* Added URL slugs for submissions.
* Added wiki.
* Allow trailing slashes for all routes.
* Automatically subscribe to forums when you create them.
* Began using BEM naming conventions for page elements.
* Began refactoring translation key names.
* Bumped the minimum PostgreSQL version to 9.3.
* Check for user bans on login.
* Don't allow new users to create forums.
* Fixed 'clear inbox' button potentially removing unseen entries.
* Fixed `/f/{forum_name}` being case-sensitive.
* Fixed mistake in English language pack.
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* Go back to page 1 when switching between front page listings.
* Keep track of when a submission or comment was edited.
* Keep track of when a user last logged in.
* Linkify `/f/<forum>` and `/u/<username>` in Markdown.
* Lock submissions/comments for furthering editing once they've been edited by a
* Login automatically upon registration.
* Notify user when their submission or comment is replied to.
* Preload some assets with HTTP/2 Server Push.
* Rate limit submissions for untrusted users.
* Refactored the entire frontend asset build system.
* Removed .htaccess files as PHP-FPM is the preferred way to run the software.
* Renamed the 'description' field when creating/editing forums to 'sidebar' and
added an actual description field.
* Replaced the stock favicons.
* Rotate log files in production.
* Upgraded to Symfony 3.3, Swiftmailer 6.
* Use APCu caching for Doctrine queries & metadata in production.
* Various consistency fixes.
* Use environment variables for parameters.
* Use SVG icons instead of an icon fonts.
* Various fixes for bugs and consistency.
* Various UI improvements.
## v0.4.1 (2017-05-23)
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