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# Change Log
## v1.1.0 (2019-03-16)
* Add ability for users to hide forums.
* Add ability to delete wiki pages.
* Add ability to filter submissions by time.
* Add ability to "mention"/"ping" users.
* Add docker-compose configuration for development.
* Add progress spinner to votes, and show failure state.
* Add "recent comments" link to site nav.
* Add search bar for searching via DuckDuckGo.
* Configure and parse Markdown via an event system.
* Don't allow editing soft-deleted comments.
* Add preference for hiding thumbnails.
* Fix instances where long user-inputted text could break the width of the page.
* Fix unwanted redirects when a user is authenticated by REMEMBERME cookie only.
* Improve serialized submissions/comments, used in webhooks.
* Improve URL hierarchy for submission & user routes.
* Rate-limit login attempts, more severe rate-limiting for submissions,
add rate-limiting to comments.
* Restyle tabs, tables, dropdown menus, forms, votes.
* Show ASCII art on some empty pages.
* Update front-end assets, and the accompanying build tools.
* Update to Symfony 4.2.
* Use CSS variables for `font-family`, `line-height`, and colour values.
* Use sprite sheets for SVG icons.
* Warn admins that attempt to edit credentials of other users.
## v1.0.2 (2018-09-18)
* Fix infinite redirect loop that resulted from a BC break in Symfony.
# Acknowledgements
# Credits
This is a list of people who are not the project lead and who made tangible
contributions to the code base.
## Project lead
* [Emma](
## Code contributions
* [VoidOutput](
* [Fossidarity](
## Artwork
* Frog logo by ziq.
* Windmill logo by ziq.
## Icons
* [Font Awesome](
* [Iconic](
* [Typicons](
## Translations
* Dutch translation by Xesau.
* Esperanto translation by Jade.
* Finnish translation by average scott.
* French translation by Mark Vale and VoidOutput.
* German translation by evilsjw.
* Greek translation contributed by ziq.
* Portuguese (Brazilian) translation contributed by VitorVRS.
* Spanish translation contributed by sancocho.
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# More info:
User-Agent: "Postmill/0.6 ("
User-Agent: "Postmill/1 ("
Accept: application/json, */*
Content-Type: application/json
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