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**Notice**: Now that the community Postmill was created for has become
unpalatable for me, the future of this project is uncertain. Previously, I
could spend time implementing a feature or improving something, and see the
community embrace (or, on occasion, deride) my hard work. Now that I have no
community, this is no longer the case, and I cannot imagine what motivation I
could have to keep working on this project.
For now, if you want to report issues or submit pull requests, I'll take a look
at them. Any security holes I become aware of (either in Postmill itself or in
its dependencies) will be fixed. But active development probably won't happen
unless someone steps up. Consider Postmill to be on life support.
I'm passionate about building communities, and I will probably make another
effort to build something cool in the future, using the experience I made from
Postmill. Until then, I'm taking a break.
Thanks to everyone who contributed to Postmill, or merely sent kind words my
way. You made it all worth it.
-- Emma
# ![](docs/assets/postmill-128.png) Postmill
**Postmill** is a free, web-based, social link aggregator with voting and
......@@ -52,6 +75,7 @@ Clone the repository somewhere and navigate there with the command line.
## Reporting issues
* Bugs and feature requests should be reported on the [issue tracker][issues].
* Get support on Postmill's Matrix channel: [][matrix].
You can email to disclose or discuss something in private
with the creator of the software.
......@@ -73,3 +97,4 @@ details.

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  • Emma, I am willing to pay for a 1 year server host, in your name if desired, you can host a 'demo forum' of Postmill. I will also offer to populate it each week with a dozen comments and dozen postings. I think 24 observations of the world is worthwhile to see you have some test data for Postmill database. And I would invite you to consider a few other people to contribute the same data creation.

    It will be in the name of valid conversation by data-structure. Not with any political agenda or intention. Having things removed or questioned will be no trouble, as the primary goal will be community contribution (software testing, software features).

    Even if you do not want the hosting, I can offer to do the labor of participation on whatever server hosting offers the same. For "Postmill demo content" site. The primary agenda of the site being to test the Postmill technology for generic conversation: multiple languages, exotic Unicode content, multiple forum organization, multiple behavior simulations such as removing users, etc.

    EDIT: Believe it or not, my motivations for supporting your effort at the small-scale software that is low server resource requirement but allows any operator to open a shop. I authored ZBBS in 1985 and I'm well-aware of the effort required to do social media software on a small scale. And I say: your work is excellent and has universal purpose. Popularity is another thing, but the direction and spirit of the effort seems great to me!

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  • @WakeRealityDev This seems like it could be a community project rather than something I'd have to involve myself with? If someone wants to set up demo forums, or start other initiatives centred around Postmill, I'll be happy to link to them.

  • @edgyemma I'm also interessted in keep this project going. Just recently found out about this.

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