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# Change Log
## v0.6.0 (2017-xx-xx)
## v0.6.0 (2017-11-08)
* Added Atom feed for featured forums.
* Added an admin menu.
* Added a button for locking wiki pages.
* Added Atom feed for featured forums and individual forums.
* Added CAPTCHA on password reset form.
* Added CSS class for all page headings.
* Added forum bans.
* Added maintenance mode that can be toggled via a command.
* Added moderation log.
* Added multi-forum view.
* Added pretty error pages.
* Added recent changes page for wiki.
* Added `.single-comment-alert' to container that shows warnings about viewing a
single comment.
* Added source code viewer for themes.
* Added submission locking.
* Added syntax highlighting.
* Added navigation tabs to user pages.
* Added unlinked 'recent comments' page.
* Added user biographies.
* Added user blocking.
* Added user settings for choosing a preferred theme.
* Added user setting to choose if links are opened in a new tab.
* Bind forms to data transfer objects (DTOs) instead of entities.
* Bumped minimum PHP version to 7.0.8/7.1.3.
* Changed the alert animation.
* Don't order by sticky in new/top/controversial sorting modes.
* Don't store IP addresses of trusted users.
* Don't show thumbnails on tiny screens.
* Fixed 500 errors that could occur when hitting 'IP ban' on deleted posts.
* Fixed authorisation issues that occurred when roles change during a session.
* Fixed being unable to ban IPv6 addresses with CIDR mask.
* Fixed issue where changing from an upvote to a downvote or vice versa wouldn't
update a submission's ranking.
* Fixed issue where disabling 'show custom stylesheets' wouldn't include the
built-in stylesheets on the page.
* Fixed privilege escalation issue where everyone could sticky a thread or post
as moderator.
* Fixed remaining logged in when passwords changed.
* Fixed typos in Spanish translation.
* Fixed word-wrapping in \<pre> tags.
* Improve how private messages are displayed.
* Increase max size of wiki bodies.
* Log out on password change.
* Made forum bans public.
* Made forum-related route paths more consistent.
* Mark CSS responses immutable.
* Move away from `raddit:` namespace in commands.
* Moved the submission deletion from the edit form to the submission nav.
* Refactor most entities to not include validation constraints and add a
constructor which ensures the entities are always valid.
* Refactored route definitions and removed template namespaces.
* Refactor some entities to use UUIDs instead of auto-incrementing integers as
their primary key.
* Removed broken 2FA.
* Revamped the entire ban system.
* Added user bans in addition to IP bans.
* Trusted users are checked for user bans.
* Untrusted users are checked for user bans and IP bans.
* Logged out users are checked for IP bans.
* Replaced 'stylesheets' with 'themes'.
* Have separate fields for common, day & night CSS.
* Make themes version controlled.
* Optimise performance by removing redundant Twig blocks in the vote widget.
* Optimise submission listings by pre-hydrating a number of associations,
drastically reducing the number of SQL queries made.
* Restrict wiki editing to trusted users and users that signed up over 24 hours
* Set width and height on SVG icons.
* Updated Portuguese, Spanish translations.
* Updated the submission ranking algorithm to account for the number of
comments and make downvotes count for something.
* Use data transfer objects (DTOs) for most forms.
* Updated to Symfony 3.4.
* Use the select2 library for the forum selection box on the submit page.
## v0.5.1 (2017-08-09)
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