Commit 66445365 authored by Emma's avatar Emma 🦉

fix stray stickies on non-index pages

parent 9da83305
......@@ -117,9 +117,17 @@ class SubmissionRepository extends ServiceEntityRepository {
throw new \InvalidArgumentException("Sort mode '$sortBy' not implemented");
if (!$pager && !empty($options['stickies'])) {
// FIXME: won't work if there are >= $maxPerPage stickies (lol)
$qb->orderBy('sticky', 'DESC');
if (!empty($options['stickies'])) {
if (!$pager) {
// Order by stickies on page 1.
$qb->orderBy('sticky', 'DESC');
} else {
// Exclude all stickies from page 2 and onward, since they're
// assumed to be on page 1. Will miss all stickies that are
// meant to be on the next page. The solution is to not be a
// doofus and sticky more than $maxPerPage posts.
$qb->where($qb->expr()->eq('sticky', 'false'));
foreach (self::SORT_COLUMN_MAP[$sortBy] as $column) {
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