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Thanks to continued interest in Postmill, as well as some community efforts to
improve it, I feel a bit more motivated to work on this project again. A
[website][website] and new [support forums][support] have been set up. We'll see
where things go from here.
# ![](docs/assets/postmill-128.png) Postmill
**Postmill** is a free, web-based, social link aggregator with voting and
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## Requirements
* PHP >= 7.1 with the APCu, curl, gd, mbstring, PDO_PGSQL and xml extensions.
* PostgreSQL >= 9.3
* PostgreSQL >= 9.4
* [Composer](
* [Node.js]( (>= 8.x preferred)
......@@ -56,25 +49,39 @@ Clone the repository somewhere and navigate there with the command line.
7. Navigate to <http://localhost:8000/>. Log in with the credentials you chose
in step 2.
## Reporting issues
## Support
We have a [support board][support] and a [Matrix channel][matrix] where you can
ask for help and support.
* Bugs and feature requests should be reported on the [issue tracker][issues].
* Get support on Postmill's [support board][support] or
[Matrix channel][matrix].
## Reporting issues
You can email to disclose or discuss something in private
with the creator of the software.
* Bugs and suggestions on how to improve existing functionality should be
reported on the [issue tracker][issues].
* Feature requests are no longer acceptable on the issue tracker--I will not do
free work for you.
* Support questions do not belong on the issue tracker. Use the aforementioned
public support channels.
## Contributions
You are always welcome to submit pull requests for things like bug fixes,
documentation, and new translations. Pull requests for new/altered functionality
are likely to be rejected, as this must be discussed with the community
You are always welcome to submit merge requests for bug fixes, improvements,
documentation, translations, and so on.
If you want to contribute a new feature, you should start an issue on the issue
tracker to gauge the possibility of it being merged. A feature that's outside
the scope of the software is likely to be rejected. We don't want hurt feelings,
so please just ask beforehand.
If you'd like to support me with money, you can send Bitcoins to
## Contact
You can email to discuss something in private with the
creator of the software. **Do not email me for asking for support**--use the
public support channels instead.
## License
The software is released under the zlib license. See the `LICENSE` file for
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