Commit 717d4d1b authored by Yuval Adam's avatar Yuval Adam

Update freezer base URL to upstream

parent 4a2c574d
......@@ -4,20 +4,20 @@ from os import listdir
freezer = Freezer(app)
app.config['FREEZER_DESTINATION'] = 'docs'
app.config['FREEZER_BASE_URL'] = ''
app.config['FREEZER_BASE_URL'] = ''
def blog_post():
for f in listdir(BLOG_CONTENT_DIR):
y, m, d, *title = f[:-3].split('-')
slug = '-'.join(title)
yield {'y': y, 'm': m, 'd': d, 'slug': slug}
yield { 'y': y, 'm': m, 'd': d, 'slug': slug }
def wiki_page():
for f in listdir(WIKI_CONTENT_DIR):
slug = f[:-3]
yield {'slug': slug}
yield { 'slug': slug }
if __name__ == '__main__':
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