Commit 6cc8b065 authored by Oliver Smith's avatar Oliver Smith

new redirect: /rebase

Explains how to rebase pmaports.git on master; this will also be used
in upcoming CI tests.
parent 588da7de
......@@ -37,6 +37,7 @@ WIKI_REDIRECTS = {
"newarch": "Add_a_new_architecture_to_postmarketOS",
"oldkernel": "Troubleshooting:host#Host_system_kernel_is_older_than_3.17",
"osk-port": "Osk-sdl#Porting_to_New_Devices",
"rebase": "Git_workflow#Updating_pmaports_.28rebasing_on_master.29",
"recoveryzip": "Android_Recovery_Zip_Installation",
"renamed": "Renamed_Devices",
"troubleshooting": "Troubleshooting",
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