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Close #21: 100 days of postmarketOS blog post (#23)

* WIP: intro, qemu, plasma, mainline

* WIP: Add some media, add text for Hildon, Doom, initramfs

* Lowercase slug

* Expand infratructure section

* Add "Why we evolve in many directions" section

Also removed "## Future" at the end, because that is answered in
this new section.

* Fix line formatting

Do not use line breaks in paragraphs, as this is harder to maintain
and it does not get rendered that way in the browser. It is text,
not code.

* Align images, use better images, add smartwatch Doom text and image

* Add more information to 'new infrastructure'

* Fill 'other new devices' section

* Add N900 mainline image (photo taken by @craftyguy, thx)

* More pictures (osk, splash), mention akademy talk, sort contributors

* Write 'Interoperability' section (flash, export related)

* Fill 'raw numbers'

* Add craftyguys cool OSK gif

* clean up

* Drop some closing words

* Add ata2001's cool TWRP screenshot

* Mention pavelmalchek's N900 work

Thanks McBitter for pointing out that he was missing!

* Add wfranken's sony-yuga port

* Update to 555 stargazers and 55 watchers

nice numbers!

* Updated splash images to new logo

* Reduce splash.png size from 2mb to a few kb

* Add missing PR links

* Link all Github usernames

* Link @mpyne to
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